Scandinavian Premium Spirits


Six Nordics

Innovative Scandinavian premium spirits that are produced using carefully foraged and meticulously selected botanicals. 

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Restless Cocktails

Craft natural cocktails using modern Nordic flavours and techniques, produced in Copenhagen.

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Limited Edition

Limited edition of premium spirits, online exclusive.

Our customers


I've got a love for aquavit now that I can't say I had before.' -- Zander L


Great unique cocktails with an aquavit base. Definitely try the aquavit sour! -- Tim V


Drinks made with passion using Nordic ingredients and flavours creating a unique experience. -- Theis P


 The cocktails were some of the best drinks I’ve ever had... -- Martina S


Coolest cocktails in town -- Umberto P


Frequently asked questions

Six Nordics? What does it mean?

There are eight countries or territories that comprises the Nordics, only six of them have a tradition for making aquavit. It was natural to celebrate the craftsmanship and the dedication of the people and the cultures of these amazing places, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and The Faeroe Islands. That leaves Greenland and Åland, stunning places and great people for sure, but no aquavit. So they didn’t make the cut. Sorry.

Why do you produce aquavit instead of gin or other spirits?

Aquavit is a beautiful spirit, that is not so much misunderstood as never really being understood. Aquavit is the same as gin, it is just made using Nordic botanicals and flavours and that is why it such a great product. Spirits are the ultimate flavour vessel and so with aquavit you can have a bit of the Nordics with you wherever you are. How marvellous is that?

What’s the difference between aquavit and gin?

Aquavit and gin are pretty much the same product in terms of production and process. The only difference is that gin has to be predominantly flavoured by juniper berries and with aquavit it is caraway or dill that has to be the main flavour, and if you are a crazy Swede you can also use Fennel. So that is the only difference really - it even works better in cocktails than gin does. Trust me, I would know.

Is aquavit just snaps?

Nope - Aquavit is a snaps, but a snaps goes to bed crying and wishing that it would be an aquavit. Aquavit, just like gin, is a refined spirit that elevates the best of its gene pool making it a beautiful experience. Snaps is what happens when close cousins have a child together - you can’t really put your finger on it, but something is definitely weird.

What’s the new Nordic flavour?

The new Nordic flavour, are actually old Nordic flavours, which have been forgotten for so long, that now when people try it again it is a completely new experience. Just like aquavit. It has been around for centuries, it used to be popular, then it has been unpopular for decades and now we, along with others, are trying to get people to fall back in love with our contemporary expressions of aquavit.

How do you distinguish good and bad aquavit?

That is pretty easy. If it tastes good it is good and if it tastes bad, it is bad. If you want more than that, then look at how long the flavours last, how is the mouthfeel and do the flavours complement each other?

Why do Danes hate aquavit so much but just keep drinking it?

That is a good question. Danes are extremely conformist and I think Danes are probably the only people who will keep drinking the same spirit, just because tradition calls for it. Danes are also quite frugal, so if they think they do not like something they do not want to spend money on it, so they keep buying the cheap stuff and they keep hating it. BUY BETTER AQUAVIT and you will have a better experience - I promise.

Why does aquavit taste so bad?

Classic aquavit has strong flavours because that is what was needed. If you serve something straight from the freezer you will lose a lot of flavour, and so it was needed to have a strong flavoured spirit. Modern aquavit is meant to enjoyed at a regular temperature and therefore it is a much more balanced spirit.

How do you make aquavit cocktails?

Make a cocktail and put aquavit in it. Boom. Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt. And if you need inspiration, just check out here for plenty of cocktail recipes to get you started.

What’ s special about your aquavit product?

What is special? What is not special? The best botanicals and superior craftsmanship offer you a completely new and modern take on our classic spirit. All spirits of Six Nordics are designed to be enjoyed both neat as well as work wonders in cocktails. We are bringing you the future of Nordic spirits.

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