Restless Soul Cocktail Co.


Restless Soul Cocktail Co.

Restless Soul Cocktail Co. is a continuation of our mission from Rastløs (restless), the world’s first all aquavit cocktail bar, located in the hip neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark.


We wanted to take some of the best cocktails, the soul, of Rastløs and share with the world. It is all about modern Nordic flavours and techniques mixed with natural ingredients and a fun approach to flavours and aromas. Our cocktails offer you an exciting and adventurous take on the Nordic cocktails of tomorrow, today.

In our work with VI.ER AKVAVIT and Rastløs, it quickly became apparent to us that one of the main things that aquavit was lacking was some go-to cocktails that were easy to make both at bars and at home. Nobody knew how to use aquavit apart from drinking it straight. That was the mission of Rastløs to make aquavit exciting again using cocktails as the vessel. At Rastløs we quickly became known for our unique take on cocktails and aquavit and it is that same spirit of craftsmanship, adventure and excitement we wish to bring to the world through Restless Soul Cocktail Co.

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 We collaborate with local distilleries 

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