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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Food pairings often make good drink pairings as well. The only difference is that cocktails don't have the textural aspects of food, which can make it a little tricky with certain pairings! But not this one. Strong complex apple flavours, distinct notes of dill balanced with malt vinegar make for a great little tipple.

2.5 cl Six Nordics Midsummer Fling

1,5 cl Apple malt shrub

1 bs malic acid solution

2 cl Pere Jules cider

Malic acid

Dilute out the malic acid to a PH of 2. Or roughy 5.5g urtegaardens malic acid to 100g water.

To make the shrub

0,5L malt vine 80g dehydrated red organic Danish apples 120g white sugar Mix all ingredients into a non-reactive container and keep at room temperature for at least 3 weeks. The longer it sits, the more mellow the vinegar gets.

Dehydrated red danish apples

Thinly slice up the apple horizontally, using the whole apple (deseeded) and place them in a dehydrator at around 55 °C for 8-9 hours.

Or if using an oven have the temperature between 60-80 °C with the door propped up. It will take between 6-10 hours. NB: Use the nice pieces for garnish, and all the ends and ugly pieces as well as nice piece (if you want) for the shrub. You can dehydrate the apple used in the shrub, they become something like sweet and sour apple candy.

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