Strawberries for Crack

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Have you ever tried a shaken fresh strawberry margarita or daiquiri? They are absolutely amazing! Obviously fresh fruit, tequila or rum was not part of our concept. But that did not stop us from doing our own twist on it!

4 cl Six Nordics Naked hygge 0.5 cl kummel, Wolfschmit 1 cl pink port, Sagrado 2 cl clarified strawberry juice 1 cl acid mix 0,7 cl sugar Parsley oil

Place oil at the bottom of the cocktail glass. Stir the drink and pour into glass.


Ponthier strawberry puree 2 g agar per 1 kg puree

1. Mix the agar and a small part of the puree together in a pot 2. Bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Take of hear 3. Mix in rest of puree slowly. 4. Place on an ice bath to cool. 5. Place in a cloth and let it drip with a little massaging of the sack

Optional – cleaner product and less work. But more waiting time. 5. Place agar-puree mix in the freezer overnight. 6. Place in a cloth and let it drip


1 part citric acid 0.5 parts malic 0.5 part tartaricMix out all the acids Individually to a ph of 2.

Then blend them.

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