Smoke My Shrooms

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Shiitake mushrooms are one of our favourite ingredients both in food and drinks. And I have tried to use it wherever we can! In Smoke my shrooms, it is paired up with Umeshu (a Japanese apricot liqueur), and caraway in a smoked old fashion variant.

1,5 cl Shiso umeshu, Choya

0,5 cl PX sherry, Mil Pesetas

0,5cl cl Bay leaf tinture

1 cl Shitaki infused Six Nordics Naked hygge

4 cl Linie, Maidera double cask

0,5 cl Kummel, wolfschmit

1 bs Cynar

0,5 cl Marka bitters, OHD

Small pinch of salt

Add smoke using a smoke gun from bourbon wood to the top of the finished drink and cover.

Or smoke the glass with bourbon wood smoke by lighting up the wood chip and covering it with the glass, remove glass when drink Is ready.

Bay leaf tincture

3 dried bay leaves

20 cl light taffel aquavit or any neutral (40%) spirit

Leave it for a week in a non-reactive container at room temperature.

Shiitaki infused Six Nordics Naked Hygge

5 Chopped dehydrated shiitaki mushrooms

1 Bottle Six Nordics Naked Hygge

Leave it for around 1,5 weeks at room temperature.

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