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A lot of worms and bugs are a little nutty in flavour, so I reasoned it could possibly work as an interesting alternative to nuts in a falernum! The “falerworm” came out pretty delicious with a little umami going on. Definitely worth a try.

0,75 cl Caperitif 4 cl Aalborg Nordguld 1,5 cl “Falerworm” 0,5 cl Ginger shrub 0,5 cl House Lime liqueur 0,25 cl Tartaric acid 0,25 cl Citric acid Stir all ingredients and serve up. Citric and tartaric acid Water out acids to a Ph of 2


0,100g Ginger (sliced) 0,5L Malt vinegar 150g White sugar Add all ingredients to a non-reactive container and cover. Let ut rest for a month at room temperature. Dehydrate beetroots used in the shrub to make sweet and sour ginger candy. Falerworm Buffalo worms were the nuttiest of the bugs I could buy in Denmark. But there are probably others that could work equally well or better. 100g buffalo worms, toasted or dry panned and crushed 500g water 1 star anise, toasted 6 allspice, toasted Put ingredients into a non-reactive container. Let it sit in the fridge for 2 days. Strain. Add 100g white sugar To 100g of strained liquid. Keep for about a week.

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