Restless Energy

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

This drink was just a fun attempt at making a naturally based energy drink with aquavit for the bar.

Caffeine (~40mg) and Ginseng (200mg) for their mental stimulating effect. And taurine (500mg) just because we are replicating an energy drink. While taurine has its health and sports benefits, we are a little doubtful they would be realized in our quint little bar...

BTW the drink was also delicious. Maté, wild cider and elderflower is just a great combo!

2 cl Yerba Maté Infused Six Nordics Midsummer Fling 1,5 cl Elderflower liqueur, Giffard 1 cl sugar(2:1) 0.5 cl malic acid 0.5 cl Citric solution 2.5 cl Pere Jules Cidre de Normandie 500 mg taurine 200 mg Panax Ginseng

Yerba Maté Infused Six Nordics Midsummer Fling

20g Yerba Maté 1 bottle Six Nordics Midsummer Fling Infuse in a non-reactive container for 3 hours. Fine strain.

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