Popcorn High Ball

So… when you have the power to try and ferment whatever you want, and you have a lot of popcorn. You kombucha popcorn and make a drink that tastes like a fermented alcopop with notes of corn, wine, honey and caraway. Life really is that easy.

8 cl popcorn kombucha soda 1/3 bs Lactic acid 4,5 cl popcorn infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 1 cl Mancino Ambrato 1 bs sugar 1 cl Vi.Er. Bonfire, smoked aquavit

Popcorn kombucha soda 200 g popcorn 2L Water 85g acacia honey

Put popcorn in a pot of water and boil for around 30 min, let it cool in the pot. Strain out all the solids. Mix in the honey. Place in a glass jar with Scoby and backslop from a neutral, light batch if possible. Let it sit between a week and 9 days. Taste regularly. You should have a nice acidity that is not overwhelming. Carbonate popcorn kombucha in a cream siphon or DIY co2 rig.

(Google is your best friend for the rig.)

Popcorn infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 70g dry-air popped popcorn 1.5 bottles Six Nordics Sacred Solstice

We had a popcorn making machine that used hot air to heat up the kernels. Put popped and un-popped popcorn into a non-reactive container with the aquavit. Let it sit for 2-3 days and fine strain.

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