Pop My Cherry-Tomato

How can this not make some sort of weird sense? Tangy salty tomatoes with a bittersweet robust base such as a negroni. But some times having too much flavour from a single point can be a little overwhelming, so we split it up into layers.

3 cl Red pepper and cherry tomato infused Six Nordics Midsummer Fling 2 cl Aperol 1 cl Campari 2 cl Cocchi torino vermouth Stir over ice Top with salted cherry tomato foam



1 red pepper 8-10 cherry tomatoes 2 bottles of Six Nordics Midsummer Fling Dry pan the peppers till the skin is blackened. Half the tomatoes and dry pan them face down. Place all the ingredients in a non-reactive container and let it infuse for 3-4 days. Strain.


Tomato water from lacto fermented cherry tomatoes 0.3% xanthan 0.4% lecithin Mix the juice juices together and go by taste. If the lacto tomato juice is too salty, dilute it out with fresh cherry tomato juice. Mix juices, xanthan and lecithin in a blender for around 1- 2 minutes to fully incorporate them. Place in a cream siphon, and charge with 2 NO2 cream charges. The ratio I used should give you a semi-light foam that won’t dissipate over liquid too quickly. But if it does add 0.1 % xanthan by increments to keep it more stable. But be warned, too much xanthan will give the foam a very mucous heavy feel if overdone


Cherry tomatoes 2% non-iondanized salt Good canned tomatoes Juice the tomatoes and place juice in a jar add around 20% of wight in pulp from juicer. Weigh. Add 2% salt of total weight. Dissolve salt in some of the juice (If the contents weigh 1kg, the amount of salt needed is 1000g x 0,02= 20g salt). Make sure the citrus pulp is fully submerged, use a ziplock bag filled water to weight down the fruit. And cover as to not let oxygen into the jar, but open the lid to release every day once it starts fermenting to release the CO2 build-up (or use an airlock if you have one). Once it is fermented. Fermentation should start pretty fast, so taste it daily. You can tell it is ready when you think it would make a great bruschetta. Should take better 5-8 days. Strain.

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