Peanut Butter and Jelly

Was it tricky to get it right? Yes…. Was it super delicious? Yes.

The tricky part about turning some food dishes into cocktails is the fact that flavours can get very messy and undiscernible if they are all mixed together. The solution. Separate flavours by layer and texture! Bridging the gap between dishes and cocktail.

5 cl Linie Madeira peanut butter washed 1 cl sugar (2:1) Top raspberry and cold brew foam


2 parts clarified raspberry juice 1 part cold brew xanthan(0,3%) of total weight by grams agar(0,3%) of total weight by grams

Put all ingredients in a blender or use a hand blender to mix it well. Place liquid in a cream siphon and charge with 2 CO2 charges.


Ponthier raspberry puree 2 g agar per 1 kg puree

1. Mix the agar and a small part of the puree together in a pot 2. bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Take of hear 3. mix in rest of puree slowly. 4. place on an ice bath to cool. 5. place in a cloth and let it drip with a little massaging of the sack

Optional – cleaner product and less work. But more waiting time. 5.Place agar-puree mix in the freezer overnight. 6. place in a cloth and let it drip


Mix out acids individually to a ph of 2 using a measurer.


200g full-bodied fruity coffee 600g water

We used a Columbian blend for this batch that was semi-dark roast full. Do a semi coarse grind on the beans and leave them at room temperature for around 20 hours. Then strain.


100g smooth peanut butter 1 bottle Linie, Madeira double cask

Place in blender and blitz till fully incorporated.

Let it sit in a non-reactive container overnight. Pass it through a centrifuge or Spinzall. You will lose some of your alcohol in the straining process to the peanut butter. But the loss will be greater without a centrifuge. Place filtered product in a freezer overnight. Strain off solidified fats.

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