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We were experimenting with butter and aquavit in various cocktail templates, and this one was super delicious and slightly odd. Try and think of complex lemon meringue with touches of dill.

3 cl Six Nordics Naked hygge 1.5cl Pineau des Charentes 0.5cl Suze 0.5 cl lactic acid 0.75 cl tartaric 1.5 cl Butter washed Six Nordics Woodland Ecstacy 0.5 cl Six Nordics Woodland Ecstacy 0.5cl tonic reduction 1 cl sugar(2:1)

Butter washed Six Nordics Woodland Ecstacy

50g unsalted butter 1 bottle Six Nordics Woodland Ecstacy

Melt butter and pour it on the midsummer aquavit in a non-reactive container. Shake the container and let it rest for an hour. Shaking it every now and then before putting it into the freezer to harden the butter. Strain off the butter and use as a flavoured butter.

Tonic reduction

We used Fever-Tree the Mediterranean because that was one of the tonics we had in the house most days, but it will work with any tonic.

Just reduce tonic over medium heat till around 25% of the original volume.

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