One Last Coffee Before I Leave

Manhattans are a great cocktail to play around with and deconstruct, especially with coffee. And this one is a prime example. Deeper, fuller and with even more depth than the classic and perfectly suited for cold slow nights.

4,5cl Coconut oil washed Linie aquavit 2cl Coffee infused Cocchi Torino 0,5cl Cynar 0,5 cl Kummel, Wolfschmit 0,5 cl Crème de Banane, Tempus fugit 2 drops of Kikkoman soya sauce

Virgin peanut oil Dip the tip of your spoon in a good coconut aroma.

Add1/3 of a teaspoon of cold-pressed peanut oil into an empty martini glass. Stir all other ingredients and pour into a glass with the oil.

NB: do not serve the drink over ice. Or shake the drink. The peanut oil will solidify.


150 g virgin coconut oil 1 bottle Linie aquavit(the normal one)

NB: Make sure that the virgin oil you use smells a lot like the coconut filling in bounty chocolate bars.

Mix all ingredients in a non-reactive container and leave overnight before putting it in a freezer to harden the oil. Strain the solids out.

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