Keeping It Dirty – Bar Jocky

A very acentric mix of what seems like very disparate ingredients in a martini format for the fall season. This is when you have to think about the flavour nuances more than the actual names attached to the ingredients to make sense of this drink.

2 cl Audemus Covert (Fig leaf liqueur)

0,75 cl Shiitake infused Six Nordics Naked Hygge

3,25 cl Six Nordics Naked Hygge

0,5 cl Six Nordics Black Bonfire

1 cl Palo cortado, Mil pesetas

Rinse the glass with Crème de Banane, Tempus fugit

Pinch of salt

Olive oil droplets

Add1/3 of a teaspoon of olive oil into an empty martini glass. Stir all other ingredients and pour into glass.

NB: The amount of the "shiitake infused aquavit" is dependent on how intense it is after being infused. The flavour should sit like a strong bass line on the palate, not overtaking but noticeable.

NB: Six Nordics Bonfire is out experimental smoked aquavit.

Which will be hard to come by.

A nice substitute is taking a rounded Taffel style aquavit putting it a container and smoking it for a few seconds with oak chips.

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