I Am Antini

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

A well made dry martini is an amazing drink that showcases the spirits/ ingredients used with little disturbances, but its simplicity also makes it a little tricky to twist without deviating too far from its essence. The main goal was to highlight the caraway while adding flavours and mouthfeel that complimented Six Nordics Sacred Solstice while keeping true to our bars creative concept!

6 cl Six Nordics Naked Hygge

1,5 cl Cap Corse blanc

2 coloured ant oil Stir in ingredients and serve up. Drop the two coloured oils on the drink separately. NB. You don't need to make the 2 coloured oil to enjoy the drink, it just looks freaking cool. Place oil and aquavit in a non-reactive container -> mix well -> let it sit for a few hours before placing it a freezer overnight. Strain and bottle. Brown forest ant oil Find 20 g brown forest ants 1 DL neutral flavoured oil Blend in a blender for around 1 min. don't strain. Add an oil-based food grade food blue colouring to half the ant oil.

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