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When Rastløs opened, we were messing around with various fermentations including fermented syrups. Which is essentially just a fruit/vegetable/herb in a 1:1 syrup in a closed container while you let mother nature do its thing. I can be honest it is a gamble on whether or not the syrup will turn out safely fermented depends on what you try it with. But when it turned out delicious and safe it goes on the menu!

2.5 cl Six Nordics Midsummer Fling 1 cl fermented dill syrup 0,5 cl lactic acid 0,5 cl tartaric acid Top cava

Dill stalk syrup

200g leave and stalks of mammoth dill 2 L glass jar 1:1 white sugar syrup Mix ingredients and place in a sealed jar. Release gas that gets trapped in a jar every day. Taste often for off flavours.

When there is a nice acidity to sweetness ratio as fresh dill candy notes It is ready.

NB it can be tricky knowing if something is off or not when it is fermenting. I normally listen to my body, palate, nose and sight. Our bodies and all its senses in “general” are pretty good at keeping us away from danger and poisoning instinctively. So listen to them. If it looks and feels wrong, it generally is.


Mix out acids separately to a PH of 2.

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