Boho Spritz

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

A spritz to the remember the summer, easy going and fresh.

5 cl Cocchi Americano aperitif

1 cl Six Nordics Sacred Solstice

1 cl fresh lemon juice

2 dashes teapot bitters

4 Cucumber slices


Rose petals

Cucumber strips

Step 1

Squeeze and pour in 1 cl fresh lemon juice into the shaker (always start with the cheapest ingredients in case an accident happens)

Step 2

Dash in 2 dashes of the teapot bitters into the shaker

Step 3

Pour in 5 cl of Cocchi Americano aperitif into the shaker

Step 4

Pour in 1cl of Six Nordics into the shaker

Step 5

Peel 2 strips of cucumber, then slice off 4 pieces to be shaken

Step 6

Add ice and shake everything together hard and fast (2 sec shake)

Step 7

Take off top of the shaker and strain into wine glass.

Step 8

Garnish with cucumber and some rose petals, add ice. Then add a bit more garnish.

Step 9

Top prosecco and mix with stirring spoon

The final result

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