Blue Crush

There is something about blue drinks that just scream the 90s and intense hangovers. But also careless fun, void of any liquid snobbery. And one of the most iconic blue coloured drinks of the era was a mix of vodka, triple sec, sour mix and 7-up/sprite that went under numerous names – blue lagoon, electric lemonade, isbjørn(Danish). We had to make our own version!! Ours had a few more funky additions aside from the aquavit which makes the drink more complex as well as drier.

1 cl orange shrub

1 cl sugar

1,5 cl Blue house orange Liqueur

3,5 cl Six Nordics Naked hygge

0,5 cl Kummel, Wolfschmit

1 cl citric acid

0,5 cl lactic acid

Top FeverTree Elderflower Tonic

Orange shrub

150g white sugar

0,5L white wine vinegar

2-3 oranges, sliced

Place all ingredients into a non-reactive container and let it sit or around a month at room temperature or slightly lower.

Blue house orange liqueur

Peel the skins of 4 organic oranges and trim off the pith

1 bottle of Six Nordics Naked hygge

Blue colouring

Place all ingredients into a non-reactive container except the colouring and let it rest for about a week, but taste it and strain it when you sense a strong orange flavour.

Add sugar and colouring to taste. But we use about 18% sugar to the volume of liquid used.

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