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Pina Coladas are one of my guilty pleasures if they are done right and also a drink I love messing around with, since coconut really pairs well with a lot of unexpected ingredients. But in this one I wanted to make a sparkling pina colada of sorts, so removal of the fats as needed. The end result was a light tropical pina colada- esque drink served in a champagne glass.

6 cl coconut whey 3 cl Linie Madeira double cask 0,5 cl Koko kanu 0,5 cl Becherovka 0,5 cl Kummel, wolfschmit 1 bs Crème de Banane, Tempus fugit 1 bs house Lime liqueur 1 bs Sugar 1 dash Bogarts bitters

Mix everything together. And carbonate using a soda siphon, cream canister or whichever carbonation device you might possibly own( that can carbonate more than just water. Soda streams don’t generally work for much but water. So not recommended.

Coconut whey

2 parts coconut milk 1 part whole milk 5 cl lactic acid per L of milk and coconut milk mix

Bring the milk part of the mix to a simmer, then stir in the lactic acid. Strain out curdled pieces.

Lime liqueur

Peel the skins of 7-8 organic limes and trim off the pith. 1 bottle of Six Nordics Naked hygge

Let it rest for about a week, but taste it and strain it when you have a strong limey flavour. Add sugar to taste. But we use about 18% sugar to the volume of liquid used.

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