Black Pearl

Our experiment in using seaweed and all its weirdness as the dominant flavours! This drink is not for the faint of hearts since it is high on alcohol as well as fronting the eccentric flavours of the sea while being reasonably dry. FYI The recipe below is for 1.5 drinks to make measuring easier.

Seaweed blend 1 bs Winged kelp (vingetang) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 5 cl seaweed infused aquavit, blend 1,5 cl Marka Bitters, OHD 1 cl Gammel Dansk 1 cl Caperitif 1,5 cl white port, Sagrado 1 cl mezcal, Alipus San Andreas 0,5 cl Kummel, Wolfschmit 1 bs Crème de Poire William, Merlet Pinch salt

Squid ink paint on the inside of the glassware. Stir all ingredients, and serve over a block of ice or up.

Seaweed infusions and seaweed infused aquavit, blend

2 cl sugar kelp (sukkertang) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 1 cl Toothed wreck (savtang) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 1 cl Rockweed (Blæretang) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 1 cl Red dulse (søl) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 1 bs winged kelp (vingetang) infused Six Nordics Sacred Solstice

Put 50g of a seaweed/kelp variant into a non-reactive container and infuse for a week at room temperature. The winged kelp and toothed wreck might need a day or 2 longer. I Infused them all separately to have better control of the mix, since some of the seaweed infusions can be very dominating in flavour. The blend in the recipe is how I did it. But you might prefer it a little less or more intense.

Squid ink paint

Buy squid ink from your local fishmonger and thin it out very slightly with a little bit of water. Use a paintbrush to coat the inside of the glass.

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