Black and Sexy

Negronis and all its variants are such staple cocktails in any cocktail bar due to the simplicity of making them, while being one of the most complex cocktails a connoisseur can sip on. And with it, great complexity means that strong flavours can be mixed in, without comprising the structure of the cocktail.

1 cl Jägermeister 2 cl Campari 2 cl Six Nordics Naked Hygge 1.5 cl Cocchi Torino Top with over fermented coffee kombucha.

Stir all ingredients together over ice in a low ball.


Cold-brew coffee 80g sugar per litre of cold brew Scoby with backslop (if possible) Sterilized glass container.

Make the cold brew coffee using a fruity full-bodied African coffee.

We used an Ethiopian blend. Add all the ingredients to the glass container. Let it ferment for close to 2 weeks. Or when you start really filling it almost turn to vinegar.

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