Beet Me Daddy

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Vinegar was a huge part of our drinks at Rastløs. Either to add more complexity or as one of the main sources of acidity. In ‘'Beet Me Daddy", the shrub compliments the apple ice wine and lends an interesting savoury backbone to this sparkling cocktail.

1,5 cl malus 0,75 cl red beet shrubb 3,5 cl jubilæms 1 bs Viti aquavit 0,5 cl kummel, Wolfschmit 0,75 cl Marka, OHD 1 bs lactic 1 cl cava

Put all ingredients into a low ball with ice, top cold soda water.


0,5kg of sous vide Red beetroot(sliced) 0,5L malt vinegar 150g white sugar Add all ingredients to a non-reactive container and cover.

Let it rest for a month at room temperature. Dehydrate beetroots used in the shrub to make sweet and sour beetroot candy.


Water out purchased lactic acid to a Ph of 2 with a ph measurer.

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