Asian Au Pear

Sesame oil and pear has always been a natural mix for me, albeit a little weird for some. But balanced out with acids and bitterness that lets the pear flavouring shine with those lovely aromatics from the oil, would turn any doubter into a believer.

2,5 cl clarified pear 5 cl Linie Madiera 0,25cl lactic acid 0,5 cl tartaric acid 0,25 cl malic acid 1 cl Caperitif 2 cl Creme de Poire Williams, Merlet Sesame oil drops


Ponthier pear puree 2 g agar per 1 kg puree

1. Mix the agar and a small part of the puree together in a pot 2. bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Take of hear 3. mix in rest of puree slowly. 4. place on an ice bath to cool. 5. place in a cloth and let it drip with a little massaging of the sack

Optional – cleaner product and less work. But more waiting time. 5.Place agar-puree mix in the freezer overnight. 6. place in a cloth and let it drip

Acid mix Mix out acids individually to a ph of 2 using a measurer.

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