Aqua Sour

The Aqua Sour was kind of our house cocktail and also our take on a sour that could be bottled and served easily. Without the normal use of lemon/lime juice, you end up loosing a little of the mouthfeel and depth you would get from the natural oils of the fruit. But then on the flip side, you can add your own oils that shine through the drink.

0,25 cl malic acid 0,25 cl lactic acid 0,5 cl tartaric acid 0,5 cl citric acid 1 cl sugar 5 cl Six Nordics Sacred Solstice 0,5 cl Italicus 0,5 cl Luxardo Bianco

Stir up drink and serve in a coupe with parsley oil.


Mix out acids individually to a ph of 2.

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