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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Our twist on the "Cinema highball’’ by PDT which in itself is a fun take on a rum and coke, inspired by the way military officers would put peanuts into their coke while watching movies as to avoid oily fingers if they were to be spontaneously dispatched from the camp.

5 cl Peanut butter infused Linie, Madeira double cask 0,25cl Bogarts bitters 0,5 cl Kummel, Wolfschmit 1 bs citric acid Top Coke

Freshly popped popcorn

Mix all ingredients in a tin cup and cover with popcorn.

Citric acid Water out citric acid to a ph of 2.

Peanut butter infused Linie Madeira double cask

100g smooth peanut butter 1 bottle Linie, Madeira double cask

Place in blender and blitz till fully incorporated.

Let it sit in a non-reactive container overnight.

Pass it through a centrifuge or spinzall.

You will lose some of your alcohol in the straining process to the peanut butter.

But the loss will be greater without a centrifuge.

Place filtered product in a freezer overnight. Strain off solidified fats.

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