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Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I think you have gotten the gist that we fermented a lot of things by now. And fermented lemon juice is a natural thing for us to do. The upside to fermenting citrus is that the skin becomes very edible and you won’t have to worry about the juice going off in the fridge. The downside - you cant use like normal lemon juice. But it lends itself really well to drinks that can handle a bit of salt like margaritas, salty dogs, Paloma variants.

1 cl salted lime juice (juiced whole)

0,5cl salted lemon juice (juiced whole)

1 cl suze

1.5 cl Italicus

0,5 cl mezcal, Del maguey Vida

0,5 cl tequila, Tapatio 55%

3 cl Six Nordics Naked Hygge

1 cl Campari

1 cl sugar

Top cava


Organic non-waxed Lemon or limes 3% nonionized salt to weight of contents of the jar Glass jar Wash lemon or limes well. Quarter them. And fill up a small jar, then squeeze in the juice to cover the quartered pieces. Weigh the contents of the jar. Dissolve salt in some of the squeezed juice. ( If the contents weigh 1kg, the amount of salt needed is 1000g x 0,03= 30g salt) Make sure the citrus fruits are fully submerged, use a ziplock bag filled water to weight down the fruit. And cover as to not let oxygen into the jar, but open the lid to release every day once it starts fermenting to release the CO2 build-up ( or use an airlock if you have one). Once it is fermented, I juiced the full fruit and mixed it into the already pressed juice. The fermented juice and fruit are great for cooking as well.

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