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Frederick-Sebastian Krause

Entrepreneur, Founder & spirits designer

Frederick is the founder of Six Nordics and Restless Soul Cocktail Co. He also created the world’s first aquavit cocktail bar Rastløs in Copenhagen back in 2018. Being an adventurer by heart and possessing somewhat of a “Zero Fucks Given” - mentality, his biggest passion is to highlight the Nordic cool and the aesthetics of premium Nordic spirits and the flavours that are rooted in this region through a series of innovative and contemporary spirits and cocktails.

+45 28 56 24 69

toby headshoot IMG_0431.jpg

Toby Efteland

Cocktail Director & Global Brand Ambassador

Toby is our resident Cocktail Director and weird scientist. With a strong background in the bar and spirits industry in both Norway and Copenhagen he loves pushing the boundaries and getting creative when it comes to developing cocktails and new flavour profiles. Toby is also an avid proponent of aquavit and is undoubtedly among the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to working with aquavit in a cocktail format, a passion he loves to share with bartenders and consumers alike.

+45 21 44 47 66